Taking Care of People and Place

Capricornia Catchments is a community support not-for-profit, non-government, organisation that fosters an holistic connection to nature.  With offices located in Rockhampton and Middlemount, Capricornia Catchments services an area of almost 60,000km2. Specifically, we work in the catchment areas of the Fitzroy, Connors, Isaac, Mackenzie, Boyne and Calliope Rivers and the coastal catchments of Broadsound and the Capricorn Coast.

About Us

The organisation has around 1000 individual members and over 50 group members. Our staff are supported by a committed and passionate management committee who cumulatively bring a wealth of expertise to the Capricornia Catchments team. Creating a synergy with the whole community, Capricornia Catchments work to initiate opportunities for new partnerships and the continued cultivation and nurturing of existing relationships.

Based within the largest catchment flowing to the Great Barrier Reef, Capricornia Catchments provides high quality extension, education, and support services to over 1,500 land managers and the 250,000 strong community who call our region home. We are an experienced and innovative organisation that has worked with a range of stakeholders since 2005 to rehabilitate landscapes, implement natural resource best management practices and promote sustainability within Central Queensland. We value the close professional relationships fostered by our dedicated team over many years and feel these are integral to our achievements for the betterment of the region’s natural resources and communities.

About Us

Capricornia Catchments works within Central Queensland to deliver natural resource management and community support solutions to improve liveability, environmental outcomes, landscape productivity and social inclusion for our members and other community groups.

We have nurtured a broad spectrum of partnerships with a range of stakeholders, including local businesses, horticultural and agricultural producers, industry representatives, community groups, land care organisations, all levels of government, schools and other not for profit groups and clubs. This strong and diverse network means Capricornia Catchments is well placed to secure funding and other support from both local sources and globally.

We take a grassroots approach to natural resource management and believe that the people on-ground are best placed to decide what initiatives will work for their communities, whether it be a project based around agriculture, horticulture or conservation or disaster recovery.

Since 2015 we have delivered hundreds of projects in the region valued at over 20 million dollars to better manage the natural resources in our local area.

Since then, Capricornia Catchments have grown and expanded their ability to deliver a diverse range of services, initiatives, projects, and education working with our partners in the common goal to preserve, maintain and nurture the regions natural resources.

Our Point of Difference

Capricornia Catchments works effectively across rural, regional, and urban settings to develop trusted partnerships that translate into successful on-ground outcomes for our communities.

With over a decade of experience in natural resource management, Capricornia Catchments can be relied upon to produce excellent results based on established links, local knowledge and an understanding of the challenges our natural resources and our communities face and the benefits of working together to share knowledge, educate and engage.

How We Work

Capricornia Catchments secures funding from a variety of sources to develop and deliver innovative projects that are co-designed in consultation with local communities. This is an approach that empowers and capacity builds the community and individuals as leaders for long term change. We believe that locals are best placed to decide what will work for their community.

We also offer a fee-for-service option. Through this, Capricornia Catchments provide tailored advice and services to individuals, businesses and organisations requiring specialist support.

Track Record

With an extensive list of successfully implemented programs, Capricornia Catchments is equipped to carry out projects of any size, budget, and timeframe. From one-off workshops, annual events, ongoing projects, consultations or capacity building initiatives, Capricornia Catchments is committed to achieving excellent outcomes and exceeding client expectations.

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