Our brilliant team of dedicated people provide a diverse range of skills and qualifications that contribute to the design and delivery of projects, events and services.  Collaborating with local communities, as well as industry groups and businesses both large and small, fostering ideas to actively provide successful outcomes for taking care of people and place….. This is what drives our hard-working team.

Meet the Team

Janeen Whiting | Meet the Team | Capricornia Catchments

Janeen Whiting Administration Officer

Janeen has worked for Capricornia Catchments since 2008 and is the heart of our organisation She takes care of the administration tasks, supports the Project Officers whenever needed and is often the first point of call for anyone contacting us.

She is fun loving and passionate about working in the Not-for-Profit sector taking care of people and place.

Katie Elder | Meet the Team | Capricornia Catchments

Katie Elder

I was born & raised a bush kid & grew up with our people, our land & our animals etched into my heart. My background is in agronomy, horticulture & a support person for “peers for peers” & mental health awareness.

I have an interest in sustainable farm practices & recycling. But my greatest interest is in all things tea. I believe a cup of tea can start a conversation, it can celebrate or sympathise & it can heal the mind, body & soul. My hobbies are tea blending, gardening & spending time on the farm with my partner & my little dog & catching up friends & family.

Carla Cherry | Meet the Team | Capricornia Catchments

Carla Cherry

Carla is passionate about helping the community and conserving the local environment, particularly educating future generations on the sustainable use of our natural resources.

She has 7 years’ experience in a not-for-profit organisation, assisting members in the Central Queensland region, organising events, training, and workshops.

Les Fry | Meet the Team | Capricornia Catchments

Les Fry

Capricornia Catchments has a contract with Rockhampton Regional Council to maintain the walkway at Fraser Park, Mt Archer of which I manage hand weeding, poisoning, whipper snipping, picking up rubbish, watering and planting indigenous plants.

I love being outdoors and gardening, camping and being with the family.

Marina Wall | Meet the Team | Capricornia Catchments

Marina Wall

Marina Wall joined Capricornia Catchments in around 2016 in the position of Project Officer working from the Middlemount office. She and her husband Eric have two grown up children and come from a beef cattle grazing background.  Marina said her job is extremely rewarding because she gets to help people on the land improve ways in which they run their farms and reduce their impact on the environment. She also enjoys planning and organising awesome community events and workshops on topics that are important to her local community.

Rachel Bycroft | Meet the Team | Capricornia Catchments

Rachel Bycroft

Rachel is an environmental scientist with specialisations in remote sensing and coastal environments. She has worked for environmental consultancies both on the Sunshine and Capricorn coasts before becoming a marine debris volunteer at Capricornia Catchments. Rachel is now a part-time project officer on our team, working across our coastal and reef focused projects.

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