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Natural disasters such as storms, floods, cyclones, drought, bushfires and pandemics have impacted Central Queensland in the last 10 years devastating the lives and properties of so many people in the region.  The cost of natural disaster impacts businesses, employment, education, community networks, health and wellbeing, below are the servcies where we can help.

Property Fire Management Plans

Meeting with individual landholders to discuss how to be better prepared for bushfires by using case scenarios to organise emergency exit strategies off their property for family, pets and livestock.  Discussing various fire preventative controls and potential hazards to reduce the risk of severity of fires before they occur as well as being prepared with tanks and fixtures to prevent bushfires damaging life or property.

Building Resilience Workshops

We’ve held a variety of workshops in rural communities that have collaborated with government organisations to provide information on disaster preparedness, emergency services and fire preventative controls.  With guest speakers from QFES, SES, Queensland Health, Red Cross and other local businesses, communities have come together through a series of workshops to share their experience with others and gain new techniques to prepare for future disasters.

Drought Resilience Workshops

Capricornia Catchments can organise workshops for farmers, agricultural-dependent communities, and businesses to prepare and respond to future droughts and climate change, through demonstrations and guest speakers providing knowledge and techniques on how to improve drought resilience of agricultural landscapes to improve productivity.

Health & Wellness Workshops

The main priority after a natural disaster is building and repairing the damage to homes and properties in order to provide and care for our families, employees and stock.  Quite often during tough times we care for everyone else but ourselves.  Bringing people together to share experiences through luncheons, art, yoga and aromatherapy workshops can have a positive effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing.  There is significant value in supporting and developing community resilience during times of natural disasters.

Marine Debris Removal

Large volumes of debris is washed down storm water drains during floods and cyclones, then ends up on the coastline impacting the health and safety of people, environment and economy.  Capricornia Catchments is equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to organise beach clean-up crews to remove and dispose of the debris.

Sand Dune Remediation

Cyclones and storm surges can leave a negative impact on the dunes.  Planting vegetation to reinforce the dunes provides a natural coastal protection for land and wildlife.

Revegetation and Ecological Restoration

Natural disasters can cause significant damage to bush and farms, although many areas will naturally regenerate, there are many factors that prevent recovery to the previous condition.  Replanting and long term management plans may be necessary where large areas have been destroyed.

Water Quality Monitoring

Assessments of waterway health to observe and measure how water quality changes after a natural disaster. Components addressed in waterway assessments can include water quality such as nutrients, sediments, water clarity, as well as habitat such as coral, seagrass, riparian, as well as socio-economic indicators, depending on the assessment.

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