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Clean-up Kits

DIY clean-up kits for your group to use during clean-ups can be purchased through Capricornia Catchments, they include reusable sacks, gloves, hand sanitiser and a sharps container.

LED Sign – Advertisement

Have you seen our LED Sign in front of our office? Advertising space on the sign is now available for a small fee!
Our Solar-powered LED Sign is situated on the Bruce Highway in Rockhampton, with an average of 8,200 vehicles viewing it each day.

Screen Size: 2.56m x 1.6m

Resolution: 256:160

Display Time: 24/7 cycle. With 6 events/images at 5secs each, each display appears 2,880 times a day.

Portable Water Stations

Capricornia Catchments provides a portable water station service to local community or fund-raising events.  We have 3 water stations and 2 chiller boxes.  Each portable unit is lightweight and connects directly to a nearby tap.  A feature of each unit is the touch free auto sensor without the need to physically touch the unit.  You can have 1 or multiple units set up throughout your event reducing single use water bottle wastage.

Yoga Mats

Our cork yoga mats are made from 100% biodegradable natural cork with a natural rubber base, printed with water-based inks and free of silicone, PVC, and phthalates.  Because cork is naturally antimicrobial, mats are simple to clean with an environmentally friendly natural yoga mat cleaner.  We have 15 available for hire.

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