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Guided Walks

Capricornia Catchments can organise guided nature walks for small to medium size groups which are suitable for all ages and abilities. Enjoy exploring popular tracks in the region and discovering different ecosystems while benefiting admiring the scenery.

Nature Based Art Activities

We can co-ordinate and deliver interactive nature-based art activities using bark rubbings, leaf printing, stone art installations, mandala creating and macro phone photography using different objects and natural materials, embracing a relationship with nature while being creative.

Nature Journaling

The act of nature journaling encourages us to become fine observers of details in our natural surrounds. Using Creative expression through painting and words, journaling can reinforce our connection to nature and contribute to establishing a sense of place.

Sensory Garden

Capricornia Catchments can facilitate a temporary sensory garden that encourage visitors to touch, taste, smell, listen and admire. Wonderful for all ages and abilities.

Team Building & Bonding

We can deliver team building and bonding outdoor activities based on your organisations needs and budget. We can also modify workshops and activities that we currently deliver or customise and activity to suit your needs.  Clue Race , Treasure Hunt, Survival Skills, Beach Clean-ups and Wellness Workshops are some examples of what we can organise.


Capricornia Catchments can deliver customised workshops, designed for your organisation’s needs.  We’ve delivered workshops to build community resilience, drought resilience, bushfire preparedness as well as health and wellbeing.

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