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The Coral Sea Marine Park stretches 989,836 square kilometres from the Torres Strait to Bundaberg. It encompasses seamounts, underwater canyons, reefs, islands and cays.

The Coral Sea Marine Park is managed by Parks Australia with National Park, Habitat Protection and Special Purpose zones. Capricornia Catchments has worked with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) to remap the entire marine park through our contract services. If you were to look on publicly available maps you would see that a large majority of the reef and islands are not visible. Furthermore, the ones that are visible, are of low resolution. This makes management of such a large area even harder.

Sort and compiling the highest quality satellite imagery available to date, our GIS officer helped create composite images. These high-resolution images were then used to find and map, all the islands, shallow and deep reef boundaries, shipwrecks, and other features in the marine park.

All data created is still being fine-tuned and reviewed, but we hope to see the new mapping released to Parks Australia by the end of the year.

Posted 04.07.2022

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