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Established in September 2014, a small group of young people came together to create a forum for young people to not only contribute to on-ground environmental projects but to also have a voice in planning the future for their Shire.

With the support of Livingstone Shire Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare program, Gen Yadaba assists with on-ground conservation work and hold events that put a spin on traditional ‘environmental work’ and are aimed at creating a connected, empowered and active community of young people.

This group of 17-35-year-olds do more than talk the talk, they walk the walk engaging in initiatives across the region to educate, engage, entertain, and inspire other young people and many not so young people.

The group grew in confidence as they represented the Capricorn Coast speaking about youth engagement at the State Landcare Conference in 2015 and the ‘Putting the Soul into Sustainability’ forum held in South East Queensland in late 2016.

While GenYadaba has had a short hiatus, the group are keen to once again lead the way and engage more young people to become more environmentally aware and get involved to make a difference in their region and their community.

The popular Saltwater Festival held annually at Yeppoon Waru Gardens was just one of the many initiatives the group engaged in where hundreds of people gathered in and afternoon of music, conversations, and community togetherness.

Two of the group’s members, Morgan Ellis, and Mikala Maloney both won awards at Livingstone Shire Councils Australia Day Awards for their contribution to local environmental projects.

Some of their projects the group have been involved with:

  • Mulambin Beach – Livingstone Shire Council – working with Vegetation Rehabilitation Officer Paddy DeLalande removing weeds and revegetation.
  • North Keppel Island – The North Keppel Environment Education Centre – working on erosion management and revegetation.
  • Five Rocks – Working with the Capricorn and Sunshine Coast branches of the Surfrider Foundation and Tangaroa Blue to remove 11 tonnes of marine debris then following with marine debris art workshops.
  • Capricorn Coast Landcare’s Fig Tree Creek Awareness Day native plant activity.
  • Monthly social documentary viewings with the support of Livingstone Shire Library Beams Club which is aimed at educating on vast diversity of social, environmental, and cultural issues as well as providing a space to connect with like-minded people.
  • Island Eco-Challenges.

Get Involved

Capricornia Catchments would love to welcome more young people to the group. Anyone interested in participating can contact Capricornia Catchments directly for more information.

Contact Capricornia Catchments or view GenYadaba videos on YouTube

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