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The November 2019 fires devastated areas in Lake Mary, Cobraball, Bungundarra, Maryland which included the Limestone Creek Water Reserve on Old Byfield Road.  The fire was so intense it burst tree trunks, destroyed canopies and killed wildlife, leaving nothing but a baron landscape of black sticks and ash.

Capricornia Catchments quickly sourced funds for rehabilitation of the reserve, and were grateful to receive support from Newscorp, Landcare Australia and Livingstone Shire Council.

The aim of this project was to assist natural vegetation and provide habitat for wildlife to return, as well as to trial fire hazard reduction techniques to reduce the severity of future bushfires, such as:

  • Fire Breaks
  • Grazing
  • Weed Control
  • Revegetation

Capricornia Catchments also monitored the wildlife returning to the area and with the assistance of Allan Briggs from BirdLife Capricornia, identified the following bird species:

To encourage further return of wildlife, Capricornia Catchments installed boxes for birds, bats and bees to provide shelter for nesting.

Photographers & Wildlife Enthusiasts !

If you’re in this area and capture any wildlife or beautiful shots on your camera, we’d love to share your photos on our Facebook page.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Link to the reserve on Google Maps


Limestone Creek Water Reserve

Limestone Creek Water Reserve

Limestone Creek Water Reserve

Limestone Creek Water Reserve

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