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The Mt Morgan Fire Safety Project – Improving Health and Wellbeing, was funded by the Queensland Bushfire Category C Flexible Funding Grant (Small). Its aim was to deliver activities that improved health and wellbeing to the community of Mt Morgan.  These activities were created to capacity build communities with techniques individuals can use to improve their and other’s mental health & robustness.  Improving connectedness in communities builds resilience in preparation for future natural disasters.

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Capricornia Catchments delivered four Bush Balance Workshops designed to assist individuals in discovering their relationship with nature through activities that enable the senses, such as sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch to explore and connect with the Australian Bush.  Re-connecting with nature can have a positive impact on mental health as well as improve wellbeing.  Switching off from technology and the daily stresses of life to focus on the beauty of the outdoors helps to relieve tension as well as increases mental clarity.  The techniques and skills learnt at these workshops could further be used by participants at home to continue the positive effects on their health and wellbeing.

Mt Morgan Wellness

Mt Morgan Wellness

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