Revegetation With School Children: Ritamada Road | Capricornia Catchments

Ritamada is situated on the coastal zone and provides a lot of important ecosystem services such as storm protection, habitat/nesting for native and migratory animals, erosion, and sediments control. It is important that we look after our environment and involving young people to participate in such community service projects, raises awareness of the impacts of weeds and rubbish on such ecosystems, it is educational, fun, it gives these young people a sense of pride and the students can see that taking care of their surroundings is essential to ensure its longevity.

Ritamada road has an easement that extends approximately 2km out from the gateway to the Rockhampton Grammar School’s Ritamada Outdoor Education Centre and had/has a weed problem which brought about a project between Capricornia Catchments, Rockhampton Grammar School & Livingstone Shire Council to improve the area. The on-ground activities included a risk assessment with a safety talk, maintaining the vegetation restoration of previously undertaken works by year 10 RGS students in 2020. The identifying, staking, and weeding of any native regrowth that has grown in the area. Spreading of mulch, planting of more native plants, watering, weeding, and picking up rubbish in the area was this year undertaken by year 9 students with coordination from a Capricornia Catchments project officer and staff of Ritamada.

The project involved Capricornia Catchment project officers prepping the site in the week prior to these projects with risk assessments, whipper snipping and marking out of existing native flora. Livingstone shire council had the mulch delivered prior to the project dates and supplied the native flora and their water trailer on the days of these events. Capricornia Catchments also supplied tools and PPE of gloves and safety glasses.

This activities success from the first year brought about the second year of revegetation with ongoing appreciation from both students, teachers, project officers and the locals.

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