Seeing Past the Smoke | Capricornia Catchments

Capricornia Catchments has been at the forefront of building resilience after bushfire disaster within the region by organising a series of workshops in the affected communities, that have allowed for a more direct and personalised description of disaster recovery processes as well as helping individuals with identify risks for future disasters, mitigation practices and management plans.

The inclusion of a Cultural Heritage component has increased awareness of the importance of fire management for indigenous natural resource management and the identification of protecting items of importance during proactive and reactive disaster protection measures. Inviting other community groups and businesses (especially those local to the areas) has helped improve connectedness of these communities and therefore improved future disaster management plans and operations.

The resilience aspect of these workshops was created to capacity build communities with techniques individuals can use to improve their and other’s mental health & robustness. These workshops also aimed to improve connectedness and wellbeing within these communities by opening channels of communication within individuals, groups, government and businesses.

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