Ritamada Revegetation

Please accept our thanks and appreciation for the assistance you and your team gave to maintaining and extending the current re-veg project along Ritamada Road last term with our Year 9 students and staff. Our six different teams all learnt much from the opportunity and also from hearing about your life’s journey transitioning in to the passion you have for the current work you are doing. The students and staff found this to be an additional inspiration to the project.

The project was well resourced, set out and equiped appropriately, was a safe space for our student to learn and work and the COVID safe work area you coordinated was also very well done. I can only begin to imagine the nature of the work you and your team would have had to do to ensure the project was all ‘good to go’.

The Caves Yoga and Art Day

Loved the social interaction, therapeutic and got my artistic juices flowing.

Alton Downs Workshop

Absolutely loved the talk about climate with Chelsea.

Sharing of information plus mental health discussion –it was good to see men taking in this info session.

Stanwell Ladies Luncheon

Thank you for a very enjoyable day.  All speakers were relevant to the day, interesting and helpful.

Beef Week – Creating Barb Wire Hats

Thank you so much for today, absolute highlight of Beef Week for me.  It gave me so much joy watching and learning.  Keep up the great work.  It gives people more than you can imagine.

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