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Based on the principals of Shinrin-Yoku, Capricornia Catchments’ Bush Balance is designed to assist individuals in discovering their relationship with nature through activities that enable the senses, such as sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch to explore and connect with the Australian Bush.

Re-connecting with nature can have a positive impact on mental health as well as improve wellbeing.  Switching off from technology and the daily stresses of life to focus on the beauty of the outdoors helps to relieve tension as well as increases mental clarity.

What you’ll do at the workshop:

  • Connect – An open circle discussion to express your personal connection to land and why you’re drawn to certain locations.
  • Ground – Reconnect to the earth with simple exercises to assist in decompressing from the hustle and bustle of life.
  • Explore – Taking a slow walk outdoors and exploring different flowers, plants and landscape, tuning into the environment and taking note of what you’re drawn to.
  • Create – Activities help express what you enjoy about being in nature as well as improves focus on your natural surrounds, particularly if you find it difficult to unwind from outside influences.  Journaling, bush tucker, mandalas, painting and photography are some activities that can be included in the Bush Balance.
  • Tree & Me – Taking a moment of silence to completely tune in to the sounds of the birds and leaves as well as identifying your positive attributes in connection with nature.
  • Tea Ceremony – A tea ceremony with native flavours prepares you to transition back into your daily life.  Open discussion is encouraged about your experiences.

What’s included:

Materials for creative activity and tea ceremony.

What to bring:

Sun protection and drinking water.


We can deliver the Bush Balance Program in gardens and parks in the Central Queensland region.

Length of Workshop:

4 hours

Suitable for:

Community Groups

Disability & Aged Care


Cost Per Person:

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