Natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, drought and bushfires have impacted Central Queensland in recent years devasting the lives and properties of so many people in the region.  The cost of natural disaster impacts businesses, employment, education, community networks, health and wellbeing.

The main priority after a natural disaster is building and repairing the damage to homes and properties in order to provide and care for our families, employees and stock.  Quite often during tough times we care for everyone else but ourselves.

Bringing people together to share experiences through luncheons, art workshops, mediation and yoga can have a positive effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing.  There is significant value in supporting and developing community resilience during times of natural disasters.

Capricornia Catchments runs a series of creative and wellness workshops that brings people together using techniques that can improve mental health and robustness, strengthening bonds between communities and neighbours.  Encouraging people to care for themselves and connecting to the land.

Ladies Luncheons

Capricornia Catchments organises luncheons as part of their Seeing Past the Smoke Project.  Various government, organisations and businesses have contributed to bring knowledge about health and wellbeing as well as fire preparedness, in an uplifting and friendly environment.  Providing an opportunity to meet new people and talk about experiences as well as encouraging selfcare is essential growth in building community resilience.

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Introduction to Yoga

Yoga works with an approach that is holistic, working with all systems of the body.

Yoga has been proven to strengthen not only the physical aspect of the body by strengthening and stretching the muscles, improving flexibility and bone density but the nervous system as well….all of which leads to emotional wellbeing and resilience. Yoga also improves digestion and assists with the elimination of waste and toxins, squeezing into various areas including lymph nodes.

It helps give people the tools they need to self-regulate in times where they are challenged emotionally or physically, and is particularly useful in regional areas where distances make it harder to connect with support networks.

Many people in modern life are struggling with stress which has known links to many debilitating medical problems from migraine headaches to heart disease and can often lead to a compromised immune system thus reducing resistance to illness.

Yoga provides a process where you may connect deeply with inner stillness where the qualities of trust, safety, courage can come forward to lead to better mental stability, clarity and physical wellbeing.

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Bush Balance Program

Bush Balance Program uses your senses such as sight, sounds and touch to explore nature.  It helps individuals to discover their relationship with nature through meditation, garden related activities and physical exercises in nature.

It promotes a deep connection and respect to the surrounding environment and to the earth.  Spending time in nature can have a positive impact on mental health by appreciating the beauty of your surrounds and switching off from technology and the daily stresses of life.

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Capricornia Catchments provides aromatherapy workshops which discusses the therapeutic properties of essential oils from plants and how to incorporate them into your daily life to improve health and wellbeing.  Learning the properties of essential oils and how to use them to assist with emotional wellbeing in a fun and creative way, brings people together to share stories, encourages selfcare as well as a deeper appreciation for nature.

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Art Workshops

Capricornia Catchments runs various art workshops using talented artists in the region to share their skills and techniques.  Art workshops assist individuals in tapping into their feelings and experiences through creative expression.  Being creative can help increase self worth and decrease stress and anxiety.  Providing a platform for a community to come together and learn new skills promotes confidence and healing which builds individual resilience.   Previous workshops have included barbed wire hats and balls, spirit bowls, basket weaving, clay sculpture and lino printing.

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